Mosey Group

Collage of the Mosey Group's research.

“[The group] is highly successful in all research directions. Their program is broad. The research areas are timely and relevant.”

The Mosey Group’s research is within the field of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. More specifically, Mosey Group researchers are concerned with the development and application of chemical simulation methods. As its name would suggest, chemical simulations are essentially computer models that mimic various chemical reactions or chemical properties. The applications of chemical simulation are widespread: work by the Mosey Group has built on the scientific understanding of friction and wear, the effects of stress on reactivity, the structures of chiral materials and self-assembled systems, the role of solvents and catalysts in reactions, methods for treating strongly-correlated electron materials, and constitutive models that connect properties obtained through calculations to real-world systems. Dr. Nick Mosey, the group’s leader, says that research pursued by his team “involves a high degree of integration between method development, application, and high-performance computing.” By its very nature, the lab takes on a multidisciplinary approach: their work combines aspects of chemistry, physics, materials science, mathematics, computer science, and engineering, allowing members of the group to develop a wide range of skillsets.

Additional information can be found on the Mosey Group’s website, and on Dr. Nick Mosey’s research profile.