Ambient Intelligence and Interaction Laboratory

Close-up photo of computer chip.

The underlying goal of my research is to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, towards human-centric computing, pervasive computing, and human-computer interaction in order to analyze and understand, and interact with humans continuously in their natural environment.

The goal of the Ambient Intelligence and Interaction Laboratory (Amii) is to make every-day devices more intelligent and user-aware. Consequently, seamless integration of sensors and processors into our daily lives along with advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science methods are critical components of Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Interaction. 

Following are some of the concepts that the lab is and will be working on: 

  • artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science 
  • human-centric computing 
  • user understanding and modeling 
  • internet of things (IoT) 
  • wearable technologies 
  • mobile technologies 
  • interactive systems 
  • adaptive systems 
  • predictive systems 
  • affective computing 
  • bio-signal analysis 
  • human motion analysis 
  • augmented, mixed, and virtual reality 
  • human-computer interaction 
  • biomedical and health analytics 

Amii uses state of the art technologies and innovative approaches to tackle some of the field’s biggest open research problems. The Amii team also works closely with industry to help them solve some of their ongoing problems and to propose and develop futuristic solutions. 

To learn more about the Amii Lab and its work, visit the Amii website. Dr. Ali Etemad, the director of Amii, also has his own website.