Database Systems Lab

People sitting around table.
Some members of the Database Systems Lab team.

I always tell my students that everything is a data problem.

Over the last twenty-five years, data has become a valuable resource of our increasingly digital-based and data-driven society.  Data processing is fundamental to the operation of many organizations and has evolved from performing basic transactions on files of structured records to performing complex analyses to support decision-making on large amounts of both structured and unstructured data.  Over this period, Professor Patrick Martin and the more than one hundred alumni members of the Database Systems Lab in the School of Computing at Queen’s University have carried out research to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data storage, management and retrieval. The Lab’s research spans a variety of areas including autonomic computing, performance and workload management for database management systems, policy-based management for complex systems such as web services and database management systems, cloud computing and big data analytics.

More information can be found at the Database Systems Lab website.