Human Media Lab

Photo of a cylindrical handheld device.
World’s first fully cylindrical handheld device, unveiled by the Human Media Lab in 2016 (Image courtesy of Human Media Lab).

At the Human Media Lab, we believe [that] technology has the potential to take experiential learning to an entirely new level. We have created a technology that works to blend the digital and physical worlds together right before [people’s] eyes.

The Human Media Lab aims to be on the cutting edge of technological innovation: its mandate is to develop “disruptive technologies” and new ways of working with computers that will be viable in the next 10-20 years. The achievements of the Human Media Lab are numerous – they invented eye input sensors, the first paper computer, the first flexible smartphone and tablet, the first multi-touch sphere, and others. The lab’s current focus is the design of Organic User Interfaces (OUI), a new paradigm that allows computers to take any shape or form through flexible displays and non-flat display technologies.

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