Institute for Disruptive Technologies

Small yellow machine on wheels.

Our researchers span a continuum of expertise from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human-machine systems, to robotics, smart sensors, and mechatronic devices.

The Institute for Disruptive Technologies is a brand new research initiative, launching officially this fall and setting up shop in newly built Mitchell Hall in spring of 2019. At its core, the Institute for Disruptive Technologies aims to bolster human productivity, creativity, safety, and quality of life through the design and use of intelligent systems and robotic machines. The focus of the lab is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and mechatronics, which can cover quite a few aspects of human life. “Smart” environments and infrastructure has been flagged as one of the Institute’s initial research themes, along with assistive technology in healthcare, as well as autonomous and intelligent vehicles. Specialists from a variety of fields make up the Institute for Disruptive Technologies team: all departments within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science are represented, along with the School of Computing and the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.